About Us



Our mission, “the blending of cultures through art,” allows for a multi-faceted approach to providing an avenue for artistic impression, enlarging the audience of art lovers, improving the community, providing cultural awareness, and inspiring and educating youth through creativity.


Founder and CEO, Sam Smith is committed to making a difference, one youth and one block at a time. When he discovered what is now Perry Mansion, a dilapidated building was THE drug house in the community. He used his own resources and contracting experience to restore the building and use it for community purposes.
Statistics show that the addition of cultural and artistic programs to inner-city areas can improve the lives of youth personally, academically and open the doors for a promising future. Moreover, art is an excellent vehicle to provide health and awareness campaigns. The Center uses art to champion causes and increase support. The board of directors offers you the opportunity to join other benefactors who are assisting in enlarging our scope and fulfilling our mission. The upper floors are currently under construction. The basement area will be used for specialty exhibits including “The Slave Experience,’ which will enlighten guest through an interactive exhibit. Future exhibits include cultural awareness focuses on the Holocaust, Mexican and Asian History. Donors and sponsors can take advantage of investing early in the dynamic programs and events that will greatly benefit the artistic community and human relations.