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    And green spaces inside the UK)Other informationFormer Bentley colliery (coalAnd green spaces inside the UK)Other informationFormer Bentley colliery (coal mine) siteTable two. Participants involved in the investigation.Site Bentley Community woodland Brodsworth Community woodland Birches Valley Forest Centre Shorne Woods Country Park Group Sort Mitomycin CMedChemExpress Mitomycin C Nordic walkers group Deaf group Green gym group (environmental volunteering) Morning mixed age and gender group Afternoon mixed age and gender group Jeskyns Wood Volunteer group. The take a look at took location at Shorne Woods not Jeskyns Wood. Total participants: 49 Number in Group 7 3 deaf men and women 3 support staff (Sue Ryder employees and volunteer FC ranger) 4 11 8Note: 1 Sue Ryder is really a charity organisation providing compassionate care and help to individuals in will need.Int. J. Environ. Res. Public Overall health 2014, 11 The study websites have been chosen to supply a distinction between two major groupings:1. Nearby Community Woodlands (e.g., Bentley and Brodsworth Community Woodlands)–these are web sites employed by regional individuals who travel from a quick distance, who stop by reasonably regularly (often every day or each week) and usually do not keep extended at the sites which have no toilets or caf. Events and activities could possibly be organised on these web pages, nevertheless they’re going to be fewer in number than these organised at Location Woodlands. 2. Location Woodlands (e.g., Birches Valley and Shorne Woods)–these are often larger in size, utilised by a mix of nearby residents and visitors who travel from further afield. People today, particularly visitors from further afield, typically check out much less regularly (a couple of times a month or possibly a couple of occasions a year) but keep longer at the web sites which have facilities, for instance cafes and toilets. Events and activities are going to be organised at these websites and they are going to usually get high numbers of guests, particularly during college and public holidays [36,37]. We specifically wanted to go into and be in nature with men and women as component of our data collection course of action. The walkactivity was followed by a focus group discussion, lasting around 1 hour. Photo elicitation was employed with 4 with the six groups. Two groups did not take photographs as they had been carrying out Green gym and Nordic walking activities. The Green Health club is usually a scheme that involves folks in environmental volunteering for wellness and well-being and Nordic walking is physically active walking with Nordic walking poles. Other participants were asked to take photographs of something in the woodland that they felt had an influence on their well being and well-being. They have been asked to create brief comments for every single photograph, covering: (a) what the photograph was, and (b) what the impact was on their well being and well-being. Taking photographs was intended to enable participants to consider broadly in regards to the qualities with the woodland they have been in also as what these meant to them. The focus groups took location following the walks and had been employed to elicit discussions in regards to the photographs persons had taken, and to discover hyperlinks with health and well-being and present and prior experiences in woodlands.